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Through the years I’ve discovered many sources of inspiration spread over many different areas. Only to realise these areas aren’t so different from each other at all. I see it in de woods around, in the women that gather and in the objects that fill our homes.


It's the working together of the environment, the people and the materials that is my playground.

It's in the flow of life that all these parts are woven together. 

"Beatrice works with the physical as well as the non-physical. Materials become a vehicle to bring about different states of meaning and consciousness. She sees the intervention of other people, the placement of object, the performance of rituals as weaving. This way, an often spiritual and experimental interaction is created; a dialogue between people and people, people and the environment, in which the atmosphere and energy continues to change. A search for answers to unformulated questions. A search for understanding through bodily experience. All this is interwoven in a way from which new pattern can emerge. "

Text by Jop Delheij

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